Leech therapy, not just medieval Medicine

I know just by the title, you may as a reader, be feeling grossed out by the word leech. it sounds scarier than it is. All that aside, leech therapy is not just something of the past, but a great healing system that has changed over the years and has been around for centuries. The Egyptians used medical leeches for their healing remedies, eventually the practice moved to India and is used in the Ayurvedic healing system that also includes traditional herbs and dietary and lifestyle changes. Finally it made a stop in Ukraine and Russia. Here it was studied in greater detail and their was a book written in Russian on the benefits and ways leech therapy can help. It has been translated and other sites sell a great copy of the book.

Now before you readers get excited to try this, DO NOT go to your local pond and harvest leeches there. Leech therapy is done with either cosmetic leeches or by Medical leeches. Infant there are many different species of leeches but only 2 are used in human leech therapy, the rest are either considered pet leeches by hobbyists or their medical properties have never been evaluated as of yet.

I did leech therapy to help aid in my recovery from Lyme disease last year in August 2016. One of the most commonly asked questions that I get is did it hurt? and the answer is no, it was painless and I was more shocked because it was the first time that I have tried this. Leeches will numb the area before they bite it so you will not feel any pain. You can sometimes feel their jaw move, but it doesn’t hurt it feels very odd. After feeling the leech will drop off. NEVER try to pull off, cut off, or yank the leech. In the case of an emergency pour salt to try to get the leech to drop off, but even then I don’t recommend it. The only fool proof way to remove a leech is to let is finish feeding and drop off on its own.

Generally the most shocking thing for people is the amount of bleeding afterward. Don’t worry, you are not dying! After the leech drops off the bite will bleed, this is normal because they use an anti-coagulant (blood thinner) in their saliva. At this point you need to use a heavy gauze and seal it down. It will stop bleeding after a couple of hours about 10 more or less. After the bleeding has stopped, the wound will scab and you will see the characteristic Y shaped leach bite mark. They will heal with no scarring. If you are too nervous to do this yourself at home, I recommend looking online for your nearest expert in leech therapy, NJ just recently got their first!


Starting my amazing grass 5 day detox!

Hello to all of my reader, I want to notify all of you that I will be starting a 5 day detox cleanse in order to remove toxins that I have build up and to see if I notice any differences. Currently I eat decently healthy, all plant based and I am pretty fit. I do daily yoga and meditation, and jog or swim. What I hope to gain from this cleanse is the ability to make more foods and to learn some of the basics of clean eating. I will also be uploading videos on youtube at the end of each day with how I feel and how the cleanse is going for me. I will post on here, day by day how it was and how the foods tasted. I hope to hear from all of my readers along the journey 🙂


My experience at NJ Vegfest 2017!

Hey guys! So two weeks ago I went to NJ vegfest. I bought my tickets early to go both days for the speakers. One the first day it was a bit of a bummer, because I missed seeing Dr. Campel by 30min. The location of this years vegfest was very far and traffic was a real pain in the tail on Sunday because there was a Giants home game. Compared to last years vegfest, this years was much better in terms of variety, speakers but last years was much better with parking and location.

I learned more about holistic healing this year because I tried Trapeeze yoga. The owner of the company Renee has a wonderful story about how this yoga changed her life when she was in a car accident and sustained an awful back injury. Its an empowering story and it go’s to show you that there are many other alternatives to drugs or surgeries. The yoga was amazing as I have never done this type of yoga before! I was completely upside-down! I felt refreshed and revived after it! I even came back for another session on the second day! To learn more about Renee and her company looking up youmetrapeze or visit the website here.

In terms of food, I ate more than a venus fly trap!!! I was stuffed each day. My personal favorite company that I’ve seen each time at vegfest, the green Moustache was there and they made there amazing german potato salad with their vegan BBQ pork. It was amazing and super yummy! The acidity in the potatoes was an amazing compliment to the tangy and savory taste of the vegan bbq pork. It served well with the peach kombucha from Nitro .

There was a new food vendor that I meet Brittany the owner of Brittany’s Kitchen. She makes the food and customizes it to any special nutritional needs. She’s passionate about her company and it has a great story behind it. She got inspired to cook when her son was diagnosed with autism and eating a better diet changed his behavior for the better. She has a facebook page and she does ship orders out. I got a free butternut squash soup from her booth and it was so amazing, very fresh and the best soup  have  ever tasted to date.

The speakers were great too I saw Dr. Furhman for the second time. His presentations are legendary you’ll learn so much about getting the proper nutrition and why its important to make sure your eating vegan for the nutrition because if you are not healthy you cannot help animals. The other present was Karen Ranzi. She has two amazing books raising healthy children, it should really be called raising healthy people because it talks about all the important nutritional needs at ever stage of life. I would recommend too that any college professor for life cycle nutrition require the book for their class. She had an amazing story about how her grandmother started eating plant based in the 1920’s. Its was amazed by this so much that after the presentation I chatted with her more on nutrition. I will consider trying to make it to one of her classes when i can. You can find information on her books and programs here.  In Karen’s talk I learned better tips on preparing raw foods and why it is important to consume them.

Overall there was a lot of great things at vegfest, however I wish the photo booth was free. It was only free the first day but my phone died, and the next day it was $12 a photo! The other one issue I had was location because of the parking I lucked out the first day and was able to get a space in the deck but on the second day I had to park in the back lot and that was a distance so, I had to dodge traffic on my way back. 😦

That said I would recommend any plant based eater from NJ to attend a vegfest event or a pop up shop. Its well worth it and there are good deals. They also have alcohol and this years had a beer garden, I personally would have loved a wine bar or a wine tasting. Price wise GET YOUR TICKETS EARLIER! They will be much less expensive if you get them early on. Did any of my readers go to a vegfest, and if so how was it?

Response to My College’s Flu Shot Clinic

It’s the “Flu Season”, a time where the media will over inflate the seriousness of the flu making statements like “This could be the worst flu season ever”, or “The worst flu season in history get your flu shot”. The reality is different. Can the flu be serious, yes. Is the shot the best choice, personally I say NO! The flu shot does have the most claims for vaccine court, part of this is because its given in such large numbers so this may be part of the reason why it has the most claims. It also has the most variety compared to any other vaccine. The flu shot is made will a “killed” virus and it comes in trivalent, quadrivalent, high dose, jet injection, “preservative free” (a lie), and use to come in a “live” flu mist that could shed the virus. Yet the media and the pharmaceutical companies play on peoples emotions by showing cases where the person died of a “flu like illness”, some articles don’t say if the person had the flu or if they had another viral disease that is similar in symptoms. However, when there are a few news reports that show someone who ended up getting GBS or died from the flu shot some people post hateful comments to the family or brush it off as only a small percent. vaccine injury is real and can happen to you or a loved one, I say make an informed choice on what you feel is best for your health.

I will never get a flu shot and I have only had a lab confirmed flu twice in my life. Once in 2009 it was H1N1 and I recovered quickly. The second time was a year ago and it seemed like a mild cold except it lasted longer. With marking nowadays the vaccine companies are trying to lure college students into believing they need the shot. They use coupon’s for McDonalds ice cream or other unhealthy foods. If the vaccine industry really cared about health the would not be handing out unhealthy rewards while putting toxins into you. Recently my college had a flu shot clinic and I was shocked by this because for the years I’ve been there, the school never had one. I decided to take a stand and wear my shirt that I got from Stop Mandatory vaccination. It said I love natural immunity. Its a great way to be active for your cause and let people who are too shy to speak that others also share their beliefs. I met quite a few people who also shared my beliefs including nurses who personally don’t like vaccines but are forced to get their for their job (unethical), or believe that people need the right to choose.

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Im Feeling 22!!!

In just a few minutes ill be 22 years old! :O its also cool that I was born on September 22nd so ill be 22 on the 22nd! I wonder if theres a name for that happening! Im super excited for the day and will be posting about it 🙂

What is Thio and is Thio free really damage free!!?

Thio aka TGA (thioglycolic acid) is a reducing agent commonly found in perms and straightening treatments called a thio. This chemical is clear with a strong unpleasant odor, it smells like rotten eggs and is the classical dreaded perm odor. A reducing agent is something that will bread down the disulfide bonds inside their hairs cortex. However as good as this chemical is there is a problem… Your hairs protective layer the cuticle will not open to accept this chemical. In order to open the hair shaft ammonia is added in order to soften and swell the hair shaft. This allows the thio to do its job and break down the bonds so people are able to change their hairs texture. If a perm is thio free, this means that there is now a different ingredient that is going to break down the bonds in the hair. Alternatives to the chemical thio are cysteamine or mercapatine. These are usually derived from thio and cysteamine is derived from an amino acid!

In recent years however people have been more informed on chemicals and new perms have been created in order to keep up with modern trends. There include but are not limited to brands like zotos, Lamar inception, organics ammonia/thio free perm, and Arrojo american wave. All of these perms are either thio or thio and ammonia free. One brand Lamar inception makes the claim that is damage free but is this really true!?

Sadly it is not! All perms regardless of how they are made are damaging, this is because they still have to open up the cuticle of the hair and bread down bonds. You can still cause breakage, hair damage, dryness and in the worst cases hair loss and chemicals burns. Yikes! A lot of the claims, names and rumors regarding ammonia and thio free perms come from sensory perception. That is, these products generally don’t have an unpleasant odor or smell as strong for that matter. Perms that are ammonia free don’t have the ammonia smell but because they still have thio they tend to smell like rotten eggs or a skunk. Perms that are listed as thio free may contain ammonia so they have a strong ammonia smell to them. Perms that are listed as both ammonia and thio free generally smell much better or some smell like eucalyptus like the American Wave. The bottom line is people generally assume no odor must be good for them, chemical free, and damage free.

This is not to say however that these perms are “bad” or worthless. They in fact do produce better perming results. With the proper wrapping methods these perms will produce softer waves, curls, and tend to be less frizzy than the regular perms. They look much more modern and some brands call them “not your mothers perm”. Also, the Board of Certified Hair Colorists have a study portfolio that found the thio free perm to be the most gentle on colored hair when used correctly. Can you get the same results with a regular perm? Yes! However take extra caution since the regular perm tends to take quickly. Also part of the issue is people not choosing the right perm. You must do a special perm for color treated hair or you run the risk of serious damage. Also based on what I have seen on youtube, heres some advice. 1. Never perm your hair at home and expect the results to be salon quality. 2. Always go to a professional who has been trained in texture or carries the perm type you want. 3. If you make the choice to perm your hair always use end papers, and please have a friend who is a professional do it.

So the take home point is that perms what are thio and ammonia free are not damage free. They can be every bit as harsh and damaging as regular perms especially when not used correctly. Always follow directions and practice on a mannequin a few times before practicing on a person. So for my readers I have two questions, 1. have you tried or had any of these perms and 2. what is your favorite brand of perm to use?

Missed you guys!!!

I feel awful that I have not been posting for a while but life has been super busy and transferring out to a larger, more challenging university (but FUN!!!) has been my top priority. Rest assure though that I will be be posting a bit more than I have been! I am more active on my youtube account but I want to add more videos on natural living, herbal medicine and plant based eating. With love ❤